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Of Cell Tower Madness!



Is a Cell Tower Coming to the Rutherford Skyline?

The CHOICE Is Yours!

Dear Rutherford Community Residents,

In the fall of 2009 there was much discussion amongst Rutherford's neighbors about allowing T-Mobile to erect a 120ft. cell tower at the Rutherford pool. The pool president and board at the time pursued a contract with T-Mobile, but they also engaged the community by conducting a survey to gauge the communities pulse on the erection of a tower. The community spoke, loud and clear, and voted against a tower by a 2 to 1 margin. It was contentious for some, even disappointed feelings amongst friends and neighbors. Feelings faded, friends and neighbors returned to normal.

With few people attending to pool issues in the winter of 2014, the current pool board is again considering the cell tower as a path to ease financial considerations at the expense of Rutherford residents. This time, however, the community is locked out, kept in the cold dark. Only the current pool members are informed -- some not even home owners.

On Thursday, January 29, the Board met with minimally informed pool members to vote on a motion to pursue a contract with AT&T to erect a similar 120' tower, for the purported sum of $36,000 annually. That is roughly $15/month per bonded member. The Board's justification: the tower revenue will prevent financial ruin is SIMPLY UNFOUNDED and UNTRUE. Besides, does $15/month warrant:

  • What the U. S. District Court in Cingular Wireless vs. Fairfax County Board found as fact -- a tower "would depress property values."
  • Clear risk to health – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN'S
  • Increased lightning risk
  • Permanent scarring of Park and Pool aesthetics
  • Invitation to further commercial development – we’ll have little control over the site
  • Disruptive generator noise
  • Harm to birds and wildlife
  • Increased hazard and therefore liability, plus insurance costs
  • Will NEW scrutiny of the pool bring recognition to the fact that it is built in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed -- will increased governmental scrutiny damage the pools viability?

Unable to penetrate the Park Authority's approval process, AT&T found a connection somehow to this easy mark. An AT&T site selection representative said as much: Rutherford was targeted as an easy path. To assure its wish for quick money the Board shuttered out participation of the affected community. But when pressed, the Board has been unable to articulate a rational reason to allow this disruptive nuisance to root and permanently remain in our community.

Similarly situated residential community pools around our area have recognized the danger and permanent harm and rejected the $15/month. Numerous families have already offered contributions of time and money and alternative means to generate whatever the revenue needs. A rational argument for a 120' tower in the midst of our community, on pool property just isn't available. Such an argument on pool property anywhere is saddening.

We simply MUST do better.

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